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1. Project Delivery Method / Services

Lead Construction S.A.L is a full service Construction Manager and a Building & Fit-Out General Constructor.

In addition to the traditional Design-Bid-Build project delivery method, also known as General Contracting, Lead Construction has extensive experience in executing Building & Fit-Out projects using the following project delivery methods:

  • Agency Construction Management Services: Also known as Construction Management of Multiple Prime Contracts, this method involves the Construction Manager managing and supervising the work of Multiple Prime Trade Contractors, who each hold separate contracts with the Owner.

    In this case, the traditional role of the General Contractor is fulfilled by the Construction Manager, who advises the Owner and the Architect/Consultants on construction costs, schedules, and technology. This role is undertaken from the beginning of the design process, bringing added value to the project.

    One of the main advantages of this method is that the design and construction phases can overlap, with construction beginning before the design is completed.
    This offers significant savings in both time and money (Fast Track Construction Management).

  • Design-Build projects using Single-Point: Single-Point contracting agreements combine Design and Construction Management services into one contract, with the Owner holding all construction contracts directly with the Prime Trade Contractors.

The advantage of an integrated A-CM contract is that it promotes better coordination and efficiency in design and Construction Management because it relies on a Construction Manager, who has a more pragmatic approach and can bring value to the design in terms of constructability, cost and schedule. The process offers the benefits of quality, speed, and low costs, and the Owner can award construction contracts through competitive bids with support and advice from the Construction Manager.

With just one organization involved, the Owner benefits from a single, centralized source of information about both design and construction, and also has undivided responsibility.

At Lead Construction, we use this configuration to team up with Architects, Interior Designers and MEP Consultants with whom we have a successful track record. Together, we have developed a strong team dynamic and they have become important strategic design partners.

2. Construction Management Services

What differentiates Lead Construction from the competition is our advanced level of Construction Management services. This enables us to have more control and thus deliver major time and cost savings over traditional project delivery methods.

The following principles outline the ways we exercise control over a construction project:

  • Project Management

    Our Construction Manager’s first job is human engineering: turning a group of clients, architects, engineers, and contractors – who may be strangers initially – into a cohesive team that will create a unique and complex product.

    • Planning: The first step is to plan ahead by defining project goals, creating and developing a strategy for successfully completing the project, and establishing team communication systems to expose any unidentified issues.
    • Organizing: The second step concerns organizing, structuring, staffing the team, and coordinating the construction management staff with that of the client and other consultants and contractors so that everyone is moving in the same direction and towards the same objectives.
    • Monitoring: The third step focuses on monitoring the Contract Works while establishing a regular reporting system for the project team.
  • Schedule Control

    One of Lead Construction’s most important responsibilities is to complete projects on time.

    At Lead Construction, we know that time is money – which is why we take the following crucial steps to make sure we always deliver on time:

    • Conceive the strategy: A good strategy ensures the project will be fully realized. Our Construction Managers always make sure the plan is there, the project is controllable, and our client is in safe hands.
    • Document the best strategy with a CPM (Critical Path Method) schedule, which is then displayed on a summary bar chart.
    • Monitor, update, and enforce the CPM schedule. At Lead Construction, our construction schedules are administered with common sense and vigor, and overseen by watchful, energetic Construction Managers who stay on top of the workload and make sure theory becomes reality.
  • Cost Control

    At Lead Construction, we manage our clients’ money with constant attention, using advanced tools and good judgment. It’s one of the main reasons clients choose to work with us again and again.
    We offer predictable costs thanks to up-to-date market information and effective reporting systems. With us, cost control is much more than cost estimations; it has five equally important components:

    • Budgeting
    • Estimating
    • Project Accounting
    • Value Engineering
    • Procurement

Cost Control is our most valuable contribution to a project.

2.1 Construction Management Services – during the Pre-Construction phase:

By involving Lead Construction from the earliest stages of a project, our clients maximize their chances of benefiting from a smooth and trouble-free construction process and ensuring the project meets their needs in terms of quality, timing, and budget.

From the earliest conceptual design stages, Lead Construction’s services maximize value while minimizing issues. Working closely with our clients, their architects, designers and MEP consultants, we conduct constructability reviews to identify “buildability issues” during the early design phase. This allows the design team to make changes before construction begins, thus saving time and money further down the road. During this pre-construction phase, important issues such as value engineering, cost control, construction estimates, project schedules, and site logistics are also addressed.

Our Pre-Construction phase includes:

  • A collaborative approach with the design team (selected by the Owner)
  • Drawings review
  • Budget and Cost estimating
  • Value Engineering to ensure the Owner’s necessary functions are provided in the most cost effective way
  • Constructability reviews to minimize problems in the field
  • Project Master Schedule
  • Prequalification of Prime Trade Contractors
  • Preparing bid packages
  • Evaluating and comparing bids
  • Recommending bidders for award of contracts
  • Facility Management reviews

2.2 Construction Management Services – during the Construction phase:

During the Construction phase, we manage, administer and supervise the construction work performed by the various Prime Trade Contractors.

As we have no conflict of interest, we act as the advocate of the Owner and collaborate throughout the construction process with all parties, creating an effective and enjoyable project experience while remaining committed to delivering high quality projects on time and within budget.

Our Construction phase includes:

  • Contract Administration of the project
  • Monitoring the Construction Master Schedule
  • Coordinating work between the Multiple Trade Contractors
  • Ensuring all Prime Trade Contractors deliver according to the specifications and plans
  • Ensuring all Prime Contractors deliver a high quality product
  • Quantity Surveying and Progress Payment
  • Cost Control and Change Orders reviews
  • Administering and enforcing safety procedures

2.3 Construction Management Services – during Post-Construction phase:

As the project is brought to a successful end, Lead Construction continues its commitment to customer service. We complete our snag list review prior to turning over any project and make sure all as-build drawings and Operation and Maintenance manuals are delivered within weeks of the project being completed.

Our Post-Construction phase includes:

  • Close Out procedures
  • Final Commissioning
  • As-Build drawings
  • O&M manuals

One year after the completion of every project, we perform a walk-through inspection to detect any existing or potential issues and make sure they are remedied before the issuance of the Defect Liability Certificate to the various Prime Contractors.

3. Sustainable Construction

Lead Construction is actively involved in Sustainable Construction projects designed in compliance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.
We are currently enrolled in the pre-construction phase of an iconic tower set to be built in downtown Beirut, with the objective of achieving the Gold Certificate label.