Why Lead Construction ?

Own Fit-Out Workforce

About 90% of our Fit-Out work is executed by our own workforce of highly-skilled laborers, gang leaders and foremen.

On certain projects, we may subcontract work to trade subcontractors who are specialized and highly qualified in their field and who understand our values and culture, and share our vision for a job perfectly done. These specialists have become our strategic construction partners.

Own Wood Joinery Factory

For the last five years, we have undertaken all wood joinery work at our own wood factory in Doha. Delivering high-quality joinery products is the keystone on which the factory has founded its reputation.

Our commitment to continuous evaluation and improvements in our manufacturing processes- combined with the technical support and quality control provided by our partner and pioneer in the wood industry in Lebanon- has enabled us to reach our objectives of delivering exceptional wood works in a record time..

Today, we are proud of our wood factory and confident that its products are one of the best on the market.

Own MEP Taskforce

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) work constitutes almost 50% of the construction work involved in a high-end Fit-Out job and is the heart and soul of the project.

That’s why all of our Fit-Out projects are executed by our own MEP workforce of engineers, technicians, foremen, and highly-skilled laborers.

Before we hand over a project to our clients, we make sure all systems have been tested and are operating properly in order to eliminate any risk of unpleasant surprises.

How do we achieve this?

  • During the Pre-Construction phase:
    • We collaborate with the design team
    • We review drawings and specifications
    • We address constructability issues and raise them with the designers while offering solutions
    • We identify clashes within the different MEP systems and resolve them
    • We address Facility Management issues to make sure all installed equipment can be properly maintained.
  • During the Construction phase:
    • We make sure all shop drawings are prepared and submitted properly so they can be approved immediately
    • We make sure all materials and equipment submittals meet or exceed the specifications of the MEP designer, are provided by a well-known brand, and are made to last
    • We coordinate the different MEP trades using coordinated/composite drawings and correlate them with the Architectural and Interior design drawings to avoid any potential clashes affecting the end product
    • We perform continuous inspections of the MEP work to make sure shop drawings and specifications are respected without ever compromising on quality
    • We perform our own internal audit of all installed systems before involving the designer and commissioning the MEP work.
  • During the Post-Construction phase:
    • We make sure all as-build drawings and Operation and Maintenance manuals are prepared properly and delivered to the operator in due time
    • We assist the operator/maintenance team in resolving any problems that may arise; and if they are unable to resolve the issue, we immediately step in and fix it.

We recently completed the upgrade of an existing 30-storey Tower Hotel in downtown Doha to meet the Qatar Civil Defense Department (QCDD) compliance requirements.
The MEP work consisted of supplying and installing the following systems:

  • Fire fighting/fire alarm system and related Life Safety upgrades
  • Staircase pressurization
  • Smoke-stop lobby pressurization
  • Elevator lobby pressurization
  • Underground car park ventilation, fire, smoke, CO control and monitoring
  • Fire Command Centre
  • Hotel ventilation and air conditioning upgrades, restaurant and kitchen ventilation and air conditioning systems, and all associated mechanical, electrical, architectural, and Fit-Out work
  • Installation of an MOI-compliant CCTV system comprising around 400 cameras.